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David MacHale - Digital Marketing Director

David MacHale - Digital Marketing Director

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How Your TMC can Stay Relevant in a Mobile-First World

By | on 07, Feb 2017 |   MOBILE TECH TMC

By allowing business travellers to build their own itineraries, OTAs present a serious challenge to the TMC business model – you only need look at the demise of leisure agencies to see just how seriou[...]

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13 Reasons to get serious about Mobile TRAVEL for 2017

By | on 05, Dec 2016 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES TMC

  For years now we’ve been told that our mobile phone is the remote control of our lives. If anything, this is now becoming an understatement.

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6 questions to ask when selecting your mobile travel partner

By | on 28, Nov 2016 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES

Mobile technology is indispensable to the travel industry - but the use of mobile travel services by end-travellers, and potential revenue gains, depend on choosing the right mobile partner for your a[...]

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By | on 25, Nov 2016 |   life at TDL

Conor is Product Manager at MTT who is responsible for the solutions and the direction we are going in for the products we build for TMCs worldwide.

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The evolution of mobile  – where airlines should invest next

By | on 28, Sep 2016 |   AIRLINES

With the rise of the millennial traveler and digital natives who live and breathe through their devices, there is a changing set of expectations in how they want to be serviced by their airline.

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How Airlines Can Alleviate Day of Travel Stress For Families

By | on 08, Jul 2016 |   AIRLINES

It’s that time of year again, the kids have finished school and parents are looking forward to family holidays abroad. However, for parents this anticipation is very often tinged with anxiety at the t[...]

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Are Big Data approaches a requirement for delivering intelligent travel services?

By | on 09, Feb 2016 |   MOBILE TECH


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Mobile Intervention to Address the Needs of the Disrupted Traveller

By | on 03, Feb 2016 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES

Travel disruption really is “no joke” as US travellers experienced last month when Storm Jonas heaved across the East Coast wreaking havoc on travel in the nation’s busiest cities. 10,850 flight cance[...]

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6 ‘Day of Travel’ Concerns and How to Overcome Them

By | on 20, Jan 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

Travel is stressful. The ‘day of travel’ can be frustrating even for frequent travellers. Fears about getting to the airport on time, lengthy security queues, uncertainties about flight take-off times[...]

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Top 5 trends that will redefine the digital traveller experience in 2016

By | on 12, Jan 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

2015 was a defining year in mobile travel with an estimated 50% increase in mobile usage across business and leisure travellers worldwide[1]. A number of themes shaped last year – an obvious shift tow[...]

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