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Think about this - in a country of 30m people, in any 24 hour period the entire population will have checked their phones over 800,000,000 times!

With these figures in mind it’s hard to deny the myriad of additional touchpoints the mobile channel presents in helping your airline build more valuable relationships with your travellers. If we consider that, the average person checks their mobile phone over 150 times a day1 and that the mobile phone is ranked as the number one item travellers will not leave home without2 it is clear that mobile is fast becoming THE channel of choice for your travellers. If you’re not already engaging your customers on mobile then your relationships with them are most likely being disintermediated at every opportunity by other mobile solutions that position themselves between you and your traveller as soon as the traveller makes a booking.

The reality that airlines need to consider today is that they operate in an engagement led economy where consumers are exposed to a constant flow of new technologies. This brings with it a new set of expectations and the true challenge facing travel brands now is around how they retain and maintain the attention of their consumers. If we consider that over 90% of travellers will switch to another app or website if their needs are not being met the importance of this becomes abundantly clear3. In the time it takes you to read this blog - 20 potential customers may have encountered your brand on mobile and left, never to return if you have an underperforming or non existent mobile solution.


5 unique airline.jpg

For airlines to succeed in this engagement economy they need to prove their commitment to earning their customers attention across every touchpoint by providing a mobile solution that builds personalised and authentic relationships. If executed properly this can be a competitive advantage and deliver significant value for your airline such as capturing channel shift, acquiring new customers, increasing average spend, improving customer loyalty and driving greater brand affinity. An effective mobile engagement strategy will increase the overall value of your customer relationships and ultimately determine those who succeed and those who fall behind in the travel industry.

To address these  needs we are excited to introduce Travelport Fusion - our enhanced airline mobile solution.  Incorporating a unique combination of travel expertise, human understanding and learnings from the 30+ million users of Travelport Digital apps today, we have developed a GDS agnostic solution that puts traveller engagement at the heart and enables airlines to:

Deliver an effective engagement strategy on mobile with a premium brand experience

Leverage the leading engagement platform available today for travel brands,with a highly configurable end-to-end mobile solution that accurately reflects the airlines brand identity and enables airlines to maintain a consistent brand approach across all touchpoints.

Time to value - accelerate your mobile strategy and keep your mobile offering continuously up-to-date

Working with a strategic partner like Travelport Digital, our platform enables you to benefit from a platform that will deliver today and an evolving roadmap that will ensure you deliver for the needs of tomorrow. Travelport Fusion ensures that sophisticated airline apps with highly engaging mobile services can be delivered quickly, providing a faster return on your mobile investment.

Easily scale your mobile offering

Travelport Fusion is designed to enable airlines to easily scale and enhance their mobile offering by adding additional mobile functionality to address their customers’ requirements and to keep abreast of continuous changes in mobile tech.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Incorporating over 10 years of mobile travel tech experience with airlines worldwide, this solution will reduce total cost of ownership, enabling airlines to focus on their core competency of delivering a great brand promise and product to their increasingly mobile first and digital customers.

Stay at the forefront of mobile travel landscape

With continuous investment in the Travelport Fusion roadmap, airlines will benefit from regular upgrades ensuring that they stay at the forefront of mobile technology.

The first release comes packed with a rich set of features including mobile search, booking, check-in, boarding, day of travel assistance, itinerary management and real-time flight alerts.

Travelport Fusion Airline Mobile Solution

While at Travelport Digital we will continue to offer bespoke solutions, our enhanced more ‘productised’ airline mobile solution has evolved to help address the needs of mid and lower tier airlines where mobile investment is often a challenge. Mobile and travel is a unique convergence so it is important for airlines to choose a partner with the right combination of expertise, domain knowledge and with a proven track record to complement the airlines core competencies.

At Travelport Digital we believe our enhanced solution provides airlines with a mobile offering that is more accessible, lowers capital risk, frees up airlines resources to focus on their brand and provides them with scalable solution that will keep them at the forefront of mobile travel technology. 

To get started Travelport Fusion, book a demo today.

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1Expedia, 2016
2Kleiner Perkins Caufeld & Byers, 2013 Internet Trends Report.
3SITA, 2015

Eric Booth - Product Marketing Manager

Eric has 13+ years experience as a digital & product marketing specialist within the online services, entertainment & travel sectors. With experience working in both B2B and B2C environments Eric’s key focus at Travelport Digital is to bring new products to market, articulate product value propositions and drive product demand by connecting customer the needs to product capabilities.

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