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Introducing the ultimate guide to travel app marketing - Part 1

By | on 27, Jul 2017 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES TMC OTA

Getting a great app to market is the first step in truly engaging customers via mobile, however making sure that your customers find and download your app is of equal, if not more, importance.

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Responsive Web or Native Apps for Travel Brands?

By | on 06, Jul 2017 |   MOBILE TECH

For Travel companies whose customers are, literally, always on the go - mobile engagement is mandatory for survival and growth. While there are a number of emerging platforms to cater for this necessi[...]

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By | on 19, Jun 2017 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES

Think about this - in a country of 30m people, in any 24 hour period the entire population will have checked their phones over 800,000,000 times!

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The essential guide to convincing your boss to invest in mobile

By | on 12, Jun 2017 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES TMC OTA

If you’re reading this blog you already recognise the value mobile can bring to help your travel business create more valuable relationships with your travellers.

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WWDC 2017 - The Biggest and Best Ever!

By | on 08, Jun 2017 |   MOBILE TECH

From getting serious about AR to going toe to toe with Google on AI and machine learning, this year’s WWDC keynote was, as Tim Cook promised in his opening remarks, the “best and biggest” ever!

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Google I/O 2017 - A Developers Insight

By | on 02, Jun 2017 |   MOBILE TECH

Google has been holding its annual developer conference for eleven years now, but I/O is not only just a developer conference. It’s a place for Google to announce some of its latest technologies and t[...]

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WWDC 2017 - When, where and what can we expect? Travelport Digital predicts

By | on 31, May 2017 |   MOBILE TECH

WWDC 2017 kicks off on June 5th, but what can we expect from this years conference? Travelport Digital predicts...

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Ok Google - What's next?

By | on 18, May 2017 |   MOBILE TECH

Google moves from “mobile first to AI first”. Google I/O 2017 unpacked by Travelport Digital.

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The fundamentals of an airline app - Part 4 - Friction Removers

By | on 12, May 2017 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES

Welcome to the final part in our series of the ‘Fundamentals of an airline app’. In our previous blogs we highlighted some of the core functionalities that travellers expect from an airline app includ[...]

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A free kit to build the perfect Mobile Travel Tech RFP

By | on 04, May 2017 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES TMC OTA

A Request For Pricing (RFP) for a new digital or mobile platform signals the intent to ramp up engagement and added revenue streams for travel businesses.

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