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UX will be a strategic differentiator: Mobile travel trends for 2017 series

The vast majority of Fortune 500 CEOs see user experience (UX) as a competitive differentiator. Most travel industry CEOs would not disagree. Creating a competitive advantage around UX requires a UX strategy that relates to the unique brand and market position of your airline.

At MTT we believe that the mobile user experience is a key opportunity to enhance the end-traveller experience. It is essential to follow a customer-centred process to define and build the best user experience possible. This means combining a user-centred design approach with an emphasis on craftsmanship and interaction design because great usability is central to the success of all apps and digital experiences. In order to form a UX strategy airlines need to understand the biggest opportunities or gaps in the user experience. The differential between the traveller’s expectation and reality over his or her journey determines the experience.

Mapping out the customer journey and understanding the experiential touchpoints - what happens, where it happens and whether it matches expectations - are the first steps.

One of the simplest ways to improve 
UX is to prevent bad experiences, or do a great job of recovering when they happen. Understanding where they happen, and why, is the starting point for fixing them.

This understanding also helps airlines to identify new opportunities to meet unmet needs. Customer insights
fuel innovation. Only when airlines understand the variation in user experience can they assign resources to maximise impact and ROI. For too many organisations UX is still fuzzy and hard to quantify. A granular understanding of the opportunities to meet and exceed expectations is the first step in forming a strategy to exceed expectations.


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