Loyalty will be driven through personalisation: Mobile travel trends 2017 series

Posted by Steven Ratcliffe - VP of Product on Jan 10, 2017


Considering the volume of digital distractions that we face, you can understand why it’s becoming increasingly difficult for airlines to maintain any type of meaningful loyalty. For that reason, I believe an existing BUT growing trend into 2017 (and beyond) will be a continued focus on mastering personalisation via mobile as a more natural means of driving customer loyalty.

Smart travel brands will continue to look at how mobile can help bridge the gap between generic experiences and ones where the end-traveller feels truly engaged and supported by their airline. The immediacy and personal nature of a mobile experience with an airline is central to making this happen. By leveraging the knowledge they have on a customer and the one-to-one connection of a mobile device, airlines can really make a difference to improve the travel experience.

Using mobile features such as live agent chat, predictive analytics, in-app feedback, proximity based messaging, Apple Pay, credit card scanning and touch ID (and other mobile first features as they arise) will not only help travellers navigate time consuming tasks but also create a highly personalised, contextual digital travel experience. 

While mobile is fast becoming one of the main channels through which travel is researched, consumed, managed and experienced - it is no longer just a ‘mobile only’ story - it’s about enabling personalised experiences across the multiple touch points and the multiple devices that travellers engage with. This is a chance for airlines to know their customer, keep them engaged, build a competitive advantage based on the knowledge they have about their customer and be with them at every step of their journey.