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10 years of mobile travel at Travelport Digital

Who could believe its only 10 years since the iPhone launched? Established in 2005, Travelport Digital has witnessed the birth of the iPhone, its evolution and been part of this transformative mobile journey since day one.

Fast forward 10 years and mobile has radically changed consumer behaviour; to be a nomophobe is the norm with 87% of us always having our smartphones to hand and we check our phones up to a staggering 150 times a day! It’s predicted that by 2020 five billion people on earth will have a smartphone.

The iPhone has been evolving over these 10 years, and so have we, starting out as MTT in 2005, we became Travelport Digital in January 2017. Let’s get nostalgic and take a look at 10 years of mobile at Travelport Digital.

2007: iPhone is launched
As one of the world’s first mobile travel specialists, Travelport Digital (MTT) delights in the launch of the iPhone in June 2007 and the opportunities it will bring to the travel industry.


2008: Silverjet signs with Travelport Digital (MTT)
Silverjet partners with Travelport Digital (MTT) to become the first UK airline to launch a mobile service for its travellers.


Source web.archive.org 

2009: Jetstar launch ‘change flight’ capabilities for mobile
By interfacing directly to Jetstar’s reservation system, for the first time users had the ability to change flights from within the Jetstar web app on their mobile device.


Source: Behance.net

2010: easyJet Disruption Portal
easyJet’s mobile disruption portal goes live, enabling customers to change their flight on the easyJet website via a mobile device.

2010 easyjet V2 blog size.jpg

2011: easyJet’s native app launched
easyJet launches their new smartphone app developed with Travelport Digital (MTT). This new app offered the “fastest airline booking app available”, enabling passengers to book a flight on more than 580 routes in less than 30 seconds. A year later easyJet becomes the first of many customers to reach 1 million app downloads.

2011 iphone4s blog size V5.jpg

Source: eyefortravel.com 

2012: Transavia gets onboard with Travelport Digital (MTT)
Transavia of the Air France KLM Group signs with Travelport Digital (MTT) to launch iOS app

2012 transavia V2 blog size.jpg

2013: Travelport Digital (MTT) launches ‘Engage’
Travelport Digital (MTT) mobile push messaging engine, Engage, is integrated with Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and launched on the market.


2014: Travelport Digital (MTT) go lives with new app for BCD Travel
TripSource®, a multi award-winning itinerary app is first launched for BCD Travel. From a design perspective, the app is highly innovative with a user-friendly concept of a trip envelope full of ‘cards’ related to different trip segments.

2014 bcd blog size V2.jpg


2015: Singapore Airlines multi-device launch
Singapore Airlines launches all-new mobile apps for iOS and Android (shortly followed by tablet and Apple Watch apps). The iOS app is ranked as the number 1 travel app by Apple in 14 countries at launch.


2016: Expanding into new regions - Copa Airlines
The Latin American airline, Copa, partners with Travelport Digital (MTT) to revamp its mobile services with new, customer-centric iOS and Android apps in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

2016 copa blog size.jpg

2017: Launch of new app for the XL Travel Group
Travelport Digital powers groundbreaking XLGO mobile itinerary app for XL Travel with ‘Travelport Trip Assist’, our new technology for TMCs and travel agencies.


As the selection of our work shown above highlights, Travelport Digital has evolved almost as fast as the iPhone over the past decade. We have honed our specialism in creating engaging, revenue-generating apps across smartphones, tablets and wearables, as well as supporting services such as responsive web, real-time travel messaging and ancillary upsell.  

Want to read more on the disruptive impact of the iPhone on the mobile travel industry, take a look at our 10 years of iPhone infographic


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