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A developer's guide to Google I/O 2018

With just a few days to go to this years Google I/O I sat down with one of our Android Developers Franciele Firmano to hear about her trip to California for one of Google’s biggest events of the year, Google I/O 2018.

We hear that tickets can be hard to find for Google I/O – how did you get yours?
I’m proud to be a member of the Women in Tech Group (@WomenTechmakers,  a group that aims to offer opportunities for women in the technological field. One of the ways it tries to get women involved in tech events is by giving them access to tickets for key tech events. I was thrilled to receive an email from this group with a special discount code for Google I/O so I jumped at the chance and purchased my ticket. With that secured my attention then turned to the logistics, flights and accommodation.

How did you book and manage your trip?
The office administration team in Travelport Digital helped us book our flights, taking into consideration we needed to arrive in a few days early to head to some of the pre events that were taking place such as the Women in Tech event and the Google Developer Agency Program Pre I/O social mixer event, as we have recently become certified this year.

All our bookings are managed using the BCD Travel TripSource app which allows us to stay organised and informed when on the road. We can view our itinerary and keep up to date with all departure and flight information and any disruption or delays (which fingers crossed we won’t have), all from our mobile phone, making our trip as smooth as it possibly can be. It’s also available in Portuguese (and 4 other languages) which is handy for me as I’m originally from Brazil.


It must be busy in Mountain View around that time, how did you secure your accommodation?
We knew it was going to be hard to get a hotel as thousands of people descend on California for Google I/O so we decided to investigate what we could get on Airbnb. We thought that an Airbnb would give us more flexibility as as well as having the option of having a kitchen to prepare our food instead of going out to restaurants all the time! We looked at places that were close to the hotels recommended by Google, as they offered shuttle buses to and from the conference and found the perfect place. 

How have you planned what you are going to pack and bring with you to Google I/O?
Alejandra, who is one of the other three developers from Travelport Digital going to Google I/O this year, attended last year so alongside her great advice I read blogs from previous attendees to get a good idea of what to pack and bring to the event. The most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes and bring a backpack as we will receive loads of goodies while we are there. I won't be forgetting my laptop charger but a great tip was also to bring a portable charger, as we will want to take loads of videos and photos. It’s going to be a busy few days and the weather will be much nicer in California than Ireland so I’ll be making sure to stay hydrated so a bottle of water is essential, and I can refill in the many water stations around the conference grounds. Finally I'll be packing some sunscreen and sunglasses (just in case!). 

google io 2017 (1)

What is your plan once you get to Google I/O?
I’ve downloaded the official Google I/O app and been planning ahead (especially with the team back in the office) to make sure I get to see everything that I want to. Being an Android developer working with some of the top travel brands in the world it’s important for us to stay ahead of the curve and keep on top of all the new innovations that are happening in the mobile travel space.

On day one of the conference I'll be picking up my Google I/O badge and perhaps taking a photo with a giant Android like my colleagues from Travelport Digital did last year before finding myself the best possible seat I can in the amphitheatre to take in everything that Sundar and co have to say when they kick off the conference! During the conference itself I’ll be using the app to work my way around and keep updated on any session schedule changes. As I mentioned earlier there are also some great get-together events happening before the conference on the 7th May, one of them is the Google Developers Agency Awards and also the Women in Tech Dinner, it is a great way to network and get to know people before the conference starts. I made sure to RSVP to these a few weeks ago as I know places can get filled up quickly. 

As this is my first time in Google I/O, I talked with a few of our developers that went to the conference previously to get some tips on which talks/sessions to look for, because I know some sessions fill up quickly.

Some of the talks I'm planning to go to are:

  • General Keynote (given by the CEO of Google)
  • Developer Keynote
  • What is new in Android
  • What’s new in Android development tools
  • Protips: a fresh look at advanced topics for Android experts
  • What’s new in Android Support Library
  • Understanding Android memory usage

Taking on board their advice I also went to the official event website and reserved seats for the talks I believed will be easier for me to follow as a graduate developer but that also would give me some insight on new technologies so I’ll be able to come back and share what I have learned.

While there myself and my fellow Travelport Digital developers will be doing some live tweeting on the @tvptdigital twitter handle and taking notes so we can put together another blog that will detail everything that we did and saw so stay tuned.

So with my bags packed, mobile in hand it’s time for me to jet off for Google’s greatest event, I/O 2018! Wish me luck!!


Aisling White - Head of Marketing

Aisling has over 16 years’ experience in marketing, brand, and PR. Prior to joining Travelport Digital, Aisling worked at Hostelworld.com and Sage Software. At Travelport Digital Aisling manages the marketing strategy, content, communications, and digital platforms, to drive customer engagement.

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