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Apps will move beyond the homescreen: Mobile travel trends 2017 series

In the last 2 years ‘apps’ have started to evolve into
 the digital future we’ve all dreamed about, where our experiences, our interactions, our communications with
 a brand have started to live across multiple touchpoints.

Apps are no longer just the little icons we carry around
 in our pockets, they are things we wear, things we touch (virtually) and even things we talk to in our living rooms. My prediction for 2017 is that we’re going to see the biggest shift of all... apps will no longer be just that icon in our pocket on a glassy homescreen.

It’s the the two biggest producers of ‘apps’, Apple & Google, that will be driving this from that most prized real estate of old.

For Google it’s all about territory and protecting it’s own. As our gaze has rapidly slipped from desktop to mobile and our searching and consumption of information has shifted to apps, guess what?  “Google can’t see what we’re looking at”. ‘App Indexing’, ‘Instant Apps’ and ‘In App Search’ are all just ways for Google to hold you in search for as long as possible.

With Apple they want you to use more apps and use apps a bit more. Need proof? Well a whole new app store was born in iMessage plus every walled garden has now got a massive gate allowing developers in. Messaging, SIRI and rich notifications have been opened up to allow us to do exactly that, use apps more and use more apps. Smart move Apple.

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict where all this is going for travel in 2017 and beyond – track a flight or send my location using iMessage, “Siri – what’s my flight status?” or “Book an extra bag for my BCN trip with a long press on the homescreen.”

The reports of ‘the death of apps’ have been greatly exaggerated. I think in 2017, we’ll just be using them differently.


Glenville Morris - Director of Consulting

Glenville has over 12 years experience as a digital & mobile professional in the travel, entertainment & retail sectors. Prior to joining Travelport Digital Glenville worked at easyJet across analytics, mobile marketing & was the product owner for easyJet mobile. At Travelport Digital Glenville heads up the Digital Insights team looking at market trends, operating system updates and how new mobile technologies will affect the travel industry.

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