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Brendan Bourke - Digital Consultant

Brendan Bourke - Digital Consultant

Brendan has over 18 years digital and mobile experience working on both the client and agency side. Prior to joining Travelport Digital, Brendan worked at both Aer Lingus and Emirates. At Travelport Digital Brendan works with customers on their mobile strategies with a specific focus on mobile marketing and engagement.

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Secrets Revealed - Growing airline and travel revenue through mobile

By | on 17, Oct 2017 |   AIRLINES TMC mobile travel

There’s little doubt that the shift to mobile has happened and is set to accelerate. According to recent statistics, 51% of US travellers now prefer to book on a mobile device. This poses a challenge [...]

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4-Star App Ratings - the Key to Increased Airline Revenue

By | on 20, Feb 2017 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES

What impact on downloads do you think it would make to have your airline app jump from a 4-star to a 5-star rating?

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Simply tap to save a tree - how mobile check-in can help the environment

By | on 16, Jun 2016 |   AIRLINES

When you consider checking in on your mobile, your thought process generally centres around the time saving benefits and added convenience at the airport. Both extremely valid and rational reasons to [...]

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