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Glenville Morris - Director of Consulting

Glenville Morris - Director of Consulting

Glenville has over 12 years experience as a digital & mobile professional in the travel, entertainment & retail sectors. Prior to joining Travelport Digital Glenville worked at easyJet across analytics, mobile marketing & was the product owner for easyJet mobile. At Travelport Digital Glenville heads up the Digital Insights team looking at market trends, operating system updates and how new mobile technologies will affect the travel industry.

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Ten tips for creating a powerful airline push notification strategy

By | on 02, Nov 2018 |   AIRLINES push notifications traveler engagement

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a push messaging strategy: messaging, timing, personalization, opt-ins, and localization (to name a few).

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The mobile purchase funnel - a real-life airline example


Forget the conventional wisdom in travel that consumers ‘browse on phone, book on desktop.’ Consumers now reach for their smartphones for both searching and purchasing. Twenty-five percent of all cros[...]

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Apps will move beyond the homescreen: Mobile travel trends 2017 series

By | on 09, Jan 2017 |   MOBILE TECH

In the last 2 years ‘apps’ have started to evolve into
 the digital future we’ve all dreamed about, where our experiences, our interactions, our communications with
 a brand have started to live acros[...]

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‘We need to talk about… mobile SEO’ - Part 1

By | on 20, Jul 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

MTT’s Head of Consulting and self-confessed Mobile SEO aficionado, Glenville Morris shares some guidance on how to improve the discoverability and the organic search performance of your mobile app. Pa[...]

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Try before you fly… the future of travel is here, well it’s ‘virtually’ here!

By | on 01, Jul 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

Yes we laughed, “No one is going to walk down the street talking on one of those contraptions” when Motorola’s Martin Cooper 

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Allo, can Google have your attention please, travel execs…

By | on 15, Jun 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

Without doubt, WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference) announces new mobile developments that make an impact,

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‘Have Tablet, Will Travel’

By | on 30, May 2016 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES

Sometimes tech journalists and pundits just plain get it wrong. Four years ago when the iPad was announced (a full ten years after Bill Gates 

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Is Your App Invisible?

By | on 08, Apr 2016 |   MOBILE TECH AIRLINES TMC OTA

Google have followed through with their initial promise from last year. As you’ll remember a new Google algorithm aimed at significantly changing mobile search results to give preference to mobile rea[...]

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By | on 01, Apr 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

“It was forty years ago today, that Sgt. Pepper…”

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“The future of TV is apps…”

By | on 21, Mar 2016 |   MOBILE TECH

That is certainly a hyperbolic headline but this bold statement is not just an attempt to grab attention. This quote was made by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook at last year’s Apple event in September, when he s[...]

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