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An air of excitement at easyJet's Innovation Day 2017

Electric planes, drones, 3D scanning and AirTime may sound like scenes from a dystopian novel set in the future but they were just business as usual for one of the biggest airlines in Europe, easyJet - at their innovation day last month.

Image 1 - blog size.jpgImage Credit: Glenville Morris

Set in a hangar at Gatwick airport easyJet put on a slick showcase of “what’s next” for the airline - and boy they weren’t wrong with that ‘Innovation’ tag, it was literally bursting out of the hangar doors!

Electric planes in the next 10 years, VR apps for training crew, new Airbus A320 Neo aircraft to cut CO2 emissions, autonomous UAVs inspecting aircraft, inflight entertainment onboard for the first time ever, 3D scanning technology to check for dents in planes… our heads were spinning throughout the day.

However, being the proud mobile partner of easyJet for the last five (plus) years, we did manage to check ourselves to hear the mind blowing success story of mobile at easyJet.  

The timing couldn’t have been better to hear that story - easyJet had just launched their Summer routes campaign that morning and at one point they were selling 7.5 planes worth of tickets every minute! With that stat ringing in our ears Dan Young (Head of Apps and Digital Travel Experience at easyJet) stood up and delivered a love letter opening line about the app...

“In 6 years, we have evolved our app from just booking and check-in to be the ultimate on the day travel companion adding compelling innovative features that save time, reduce stress, remove friction and ultimately make travel enjoyable”

Image 2 - blog size.jpgImage Credit: Glenville Morris - A snapshot from of what the easyJet mobile app has done over the last 6 years

For the next 10 minutes we sat in awe, and with an immense sense of pride, as easyJet announced one knockout mobile stat after another

  • 21 million downloads and counting
  • A quarter of passengers are now using mobile boarding passes (with 12 million mobile boarding passes being used this year alone). Don’t forget that easyJet only launched them in 2013
  • 12% of iPhone transactions use Apple Pay
  • 1 million Passport scans so far this year
  • 22 million gate and bag push notifications sent since the launch of Mobile Host
  • The app is opened 600K times a day!

three screens front - blog size.jpgScreens of easyJet mobile boarding passes, Apple Pay, Passport scanning

If that wasn’t enough easyJet then teased us with the (very near) future of the app...

  • New approaches to search
  • Deep personalisation, contextual and location aware features
  • New ways to interact and communicate
  • Quick and effortless ways to add, modify and pay for elements to your trip
  • Disruption handling, enabling users to digitally self serve

And with that glimpse into what’s next for easyJet Mobile Dan Young exited stage right, signing off with the words below showing just how important mobile is to easyJet...

“Customers who use our mobile app book more frequently and are more loyal. With a continued investment in mobile & passion for delivery our talented teams will keep making travel easier and easier”

As easyJet’s mobile partner, Travelport Digital are proud to have been part of their incredible mobile journey for almost six years, helping them in their pursuit of continuously ensuring a great, seamless user experience for their customers. We look forward to helping easyJet continue to grow their mobile channels and can’t wait to deliver even more of the innovation that their award winning mobile app is famous for.

To find out more about the work we do with easyJet visit their case study page here.

Glenville Morris, Product Director - Digital Insights

Glenville has over 12 years experience as a digital & mobile professional in the travel, entertainment & retail sectors. Prior to joining Travelport Digital Glenville worked at easyJet across analytics, mobile marketing & was the product owner for easyJet mobile. At Travelport Digital Glenville heads up the Digital Insights team looking at market trends, operating system updates and how new mobile technologies will affect the travel industry.

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