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easyJet app now allows you to organize a trip using Instagram snaps

In an industry first, we integrated a new ‘Look&Book feature that means easyJet customers can upload an image to the app and book their dream holiday

easyJet has today unveiled a new app feature that allows users to book flights using just a photo, without even needing to know the destination. Look&Book, developed in partnership with Travelport Digital and creative agency VCCP, allows Instagram users to grab an inspiring destination photo they see on their feed and upload it to the easyJet app.  

The image recognition technology identifies the location and matches the photo to over 1000 European destinations. The app then pre-populates its booking form with flight details to the nearest airport – allowing users to turn Instagram daydreams into bookings in just a few taps.

As the first airline to take advantage of image recognition technology, easyJet is once again ahead of the curve in its bid to constantly enhance the end-to-end traveler experience.

Look&Book will help people to further explore Europe with ease and open up new destinations and previously hidden holiday locations for a range of customers,” said Daniel Young, Head of Digital Experience at easyJet. “It’s fantastic how technology is enabling us to enhance and streamline the customer search and booking experience.” 

Visual search on the rise

easyJet’s new feature responds to the growing popularity of visual search, which is now worth $60 million worldwide. With 62 percent of ‘Gen Z’ and millennial consumers looking for more visual search capabilities over any other new technology, the use of image search will only continue to rise.

Cormac Reilly, Chief Customer Officer at Travelport Digital said: “The partnership between Travelport Digital and the easyJet team allows us to constantly push the boundaries of what a mobile travel app can do. Visual search is what customers want and the Look&Book feature offers yet another innovative way to easily research and book flights. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the easyJet team and increasing the sophistication of this award-winning app into the future.”

Travelport Digital's wireframes for the Look&Book feature 

Instagrammable destinations

For now, Look&Book works best with Instagram photos. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with over 800 million monthly users and is increasingly being used as a search tool, particularly for those researching trips.

Searching by hashtags and locations allows users to filter through thousands of photos of destinations and decide how ‘Instagrammable’ a place is before booking – a factor that can surprisingly impact a person’s choice of destination. A 2017 study of 1000 adults found that in millennial travelers aged 18-33, over 40% valued how ‘Instagrammable’ their holiday appeared to family and friends as the most important factor in choosing a destination.

easyJet has now bridged the gap between searching for holiday destinations on Instagram and completing a booking transaction – a feat that no other travel company has achieved.

David Masterman, Creative Director at VCCP commented: “We’ve all seen places on Instagram and wished we could just be there. The beauty of Look&Book is how easily it makes those daydreams become reality."

A social and DOOH campaign launches this week to encourage people to upload Instagram photos to the easyJet app. The easyJet app, featuring the new Look&Book functionality, is available now for download on iOS and Android.

easyJet case study



Take a look at our case study to see how easyJet deliver over 20% of their revenues through mobile.



Aisling White - Head of Marketing

Aisling has over 16 years’ experience in marketing, brand, and PR. Prior to joining Travelport Digital, Aisling worked at Hostelworld.com and Sage Software. At Travelport Digital Aisling manages the marketing strategy, content, communications, and digital platforms, to drive customer engagement.

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