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The essential guide to convincing your boss to invest in mobile

If you’re reading this blog you already recognise the value mobile can bring to help your travel business create more valuable relationships with your travellers.

We want you to be successful at conveying this value to senior stakeholders in your business so we’ve put together a toolkit that will help convince your boss on why mobile is both cost effective and strategically important.

With the digital landscape evolving at an incredible rate, the reality now is that your travellers demand and expect an experience that is seamless and that provides continuity wherever and whenever they engage with your brand. To stay competitive it is essential for travel brands to build personalized, authentic relationships with their customers and prove their commitment to engaging customers’ across every touchpoint throughout the travel lifecycle - mobile provides that omnipresent channel.

Our toolkit includes a customizable powerpoint template that includes compelling stats, consumer behaviours, a competitor analysis framework and simple instructions on how to adapt this toolkit to make it work for your travel business or airline.

Our toolkit focuses on the following key areas:

Changing consumer behaviors: 

A good place to start is by highlighting how your customers behaviours and preferences have changed. This section of the toolkit provides you with some interesting context and stats to illustrate how the digital evolution impacted the expectations of your customers.

The need to engage customers where they are most comfortable:

Having outlined the changing behaviours of your customers this section highlights the challenge that brands like yours are facing today. With an increasing onus on the ‘individual’ the big challenge now is how you keep your customers engaged with your brand at all times. Mobile provides that omnipresent channel and our toolkit helps you illustrate the additional touchpoints mobile created to help you maintain this continuity of attention throughout the travel experience.

Why it is important now?

This section focuses on positioning mobile investment as a current need rather than a future trend. In addition to providing travel related mobile stats we also provide our very own competitor analysis framework which allows you to compare your mobile strategy against your competitors - nothing serves as a better wake-up call than a message that shows how your competition are marching ahead.

Why it makes business sense?

While it is important to help senior stakeholder to understand what your competitors are doing it is equally important to articulate how your investment in mobile can pay off. This section provides you with some key data points and slide templates to help showcase the contribution mobile engagement can have on your bottom line revenues, monetizing your existing mobile traffic, improving engagement and encouraging greater retention.

An engagement partner

Mobile solutions are not new and having worked with some of the largest travel brands across the globe Travelport Digital has shown how effective mobile solutions can be. The quicker your company adopts the mobile the sooner you will be able to reap the rewards.

Download our toolkit now and show your boss exactly why your travel company should be investing in mobile.

Convince your boss kit download

Eric Booth - Product Marketing Manager

Eric has 13+ years experience as a digital & product marketing specialist within the online services, entertainment & travel sectors. With experience working in both B2B and B2C environments Eric’s key focus at Travelport Digital is to bring new products to market, articulate product value propositions and drive product demand by connecting customer the needs to product capabilities.

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