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How to build and launch your first airline app

They say that there is a defining moment in every person’s life. For the travel industry, we could say that that momentous event happened back in 2007, when Steve Jobs promised to ‘change everything’ with the launch of the very first iPhone. And he wasn’t wrong…

Since then we have seen incredible change in the travel industry. Smartphone penetration has exploded and air travel has effectively doubled, with over 4 billion air travelers each year. Mobile has played a pivotal role in this change for travel brands, as it is the only device that is with the customer at every stage of their journey; pre, during and post trip.

A Decade of Change

Airlines have capitalised on this and invested in their mobile channels to drive additional revenue and decrease operational costs. And airline consumer behaviour has simultaneously responded to this technological investment.

Today 40% of bookings are made via mobile in the U.S

While deciding to build a mobile app is easy, getting it right can be very difficult. There is so much to take into consideration. Do you want to go in-house or outsource the development? How do you choose the right people or partners? What tools, features and functionality do you need in place now and in the future? How do you keep abreast of all the new technologies coming down the line? How do you launch your app? How do you plan for continued growth and success beyond the first few months?

Inhouse_Outsource_Pros_Cons_Thumbnail (1)

Click on the image above to view the pros and cons of in-house vs outsource

We know that no two businesses are the same, but having worked with some of the biggest airlines in the world to make their apps a success we have created the world’s most comprehensive guide to getting you started with your first airline app to help answer those questions. We share practical insights and real life examples of revenue and marketing strategies that can be adopted by any airline, particularly those who have never had an app or whose mobile strategy is struggling.

96% of the top 50 airlines have a mobile app

So, what about you and your defining moments? We must warn you that this journey is also hugely rewarding on a personal level! You’ll deliver great results for your board, open up new potential with your colleagues in eCommerce, Marketing, IT and beyond. And working in an airline with a focus on a great mobile experience is far more gratifying than the old-school, transactional-driven, commoditised grind that is prevalent in many travel businesses today. It’s customer-driven, it drives successful business results and you’ll experience a major shift from day one of your app launch.

So let's get started, download the guide to ‘Getting started with your first airline app’ now.



Aisling White - Head of Marketing

Aisling has over 16 years’ experience in marketing, brand, and PR. Prior to joining Travelport Digital, Aisling worked at Hostelworld.com and Sage Software. At Travelport Digital Aisling manages the marketing strategy, content, communications, and digital platforms, to drive customer engagement.

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