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How Travelport Fusion Stacks Up Against The World’s Leading Apps

In our recent blog post on the 5 top airline app trends we took a retrospective view on some of the key trends across our airline customer apps over the past twelve months. So how does our new digital platform, Travelport Fusion, stack up against the behemoths of air travel? And what kind of commitments are we making in growing our new airline customers revenues, streamlining their operations and extending their digital engagement?


Ancillaries are an important focal point of the Travelport Fusion product. On launch the product supports paid seats and paid bags in the native check-in flow. Offering paid bags through the mobile channel will not only help our Travelport Fusion airline customers generate new revenue but also save time at the check-in desk resulting in operational cost savings and improved customer experience.

All ancillary components are being developed in a modular way to allow our Travelport Fusion airline customers to plug these into future app flows including the 'Booking' and 'Manage My Booking' flows. Further ancillaries are being planned for upcoming releases including priority boarding and cabin class upgrades.

Ancillaries (1)

Day of Travel

The core feature set of our Travelport Fusion product focuses on assisting users on their day of travel. Users can check-in, generate and save their mobile boarding pass offline, check the flight status of their trip, as well as view their trip itinerary from the My Trips section of the app.

Our Travelport Fusion airline customers clearly identify the real value of providing these features to their users in the mobile channel to help improve the traveller experience on what can be a stressful period for the user.

Day_of_Travel (1)


Our Travelport Fusion product currently supports all major credit card payment methods with further payment enhancements planned for the near future including credit card scanning via Jumio and the ability for users to store payment cards in their profile (tokenisation), thereby reducing friction and facilitating faster purchases and increased repeat purchasing.



Travelport Fusion supports the integration of our Fusion airline customer loyalty programs with the app by displaying the user’s loyalty details on a dashboard including their frequent flyer miles and the loyalty tier they belong to.

There are plans to extend this functionality further in a future release to add the user’s loyalty tier to their boarding pass, a loyalty card display (for partner presentation and accumulation) and to customise the dashboard further with colour and graphics to align with the user’s loyalty tier.


Traveler Engagement

Travelport Digital’s Engage platform is a travel specific, intelligent mobile messaging engine designed to provide real-time updates and offers that are targeted, relevant and personalised for the end user. It is powered by a sophisticated rules engine.

With Travelport Fusion, our new Fusion airline customers will be able to leverage the full power of our Engage platform allowing them to set-up effective mobile marketing campaigns, journey assistance and disruption messaging for their users across iOS, Android, SMS and email channels.

Push notifications are one of the most intrusive forms of communication and need to be reserved for messages that are both personalised and timely. Engage makes this possible in the following ways:

  • Flight Alerts – Provides live trip specific information on flight times and delays, keeping travelers up to date and allowing them to proactively manage any travel disruptions.
  • Trip Reminders – Makes the traveler’s experience easier and more enjoyable with real-time automated reminders at exactly the right time in the customer’s journey.
  • Offers – Gives travelers constant access to important trip related information, as well as offers, promotions, and upgrade opportunities while they are on the go.

Engagement (1)

Our new Travelport Fusion customers have full flexibility on not only how they tailor their campaigns around the options above but they also have full control over the tone of voice and languages their campaigns should support for different traveler types in different regions.


In the constantly connected world we now live in, travelers expect an increasingly tailored service. In order for airlines to secure loyalty from their existing and new digital consumers, they need to be able to provide a service that will accompany them throughout their entire journey – from booking, to check-in, to boarding, all the way to their destination.

Mobile is the direct channel for this, and with Travelport Fusion, airlines can effectively leverage the mobile channel to capture revenues and build engagement at every step by making it easy for passengers to search, book and buy from their mobile devices.

We strongly believe that today’s mobile users are more engaged with simple, well designed solutions that focus on user experience and our multi-award winning design team have channelled all of the lessons learnt over the last ten years into the Travelport Fusion product. We then test the solution with real travellers and iterate the product to ensure any pain-points are ironed out.

We are excited to be working with Fiji Airways as our launch partner of Travelport Fusion and to see the positive real impact it will have on their business by unleashing the untapped potential of their mobile channel.

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Niall Minihan, Customer Success Manager

Niall is a Customer Success Manager in Travelport Digital, and works with our travel customers to optimise the performance of their digital channel. He has over 7 years experience in mobile, and prior to joining Travelport had his own business working with start-ups and emerging brands to create digital products with a focus on mobile. Niall is interested in new technologies and how they can be leveraged to drive real business value for our customers.

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