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iSpy 11 Things Travel Brands Need to Know about iOS11 (and the new iPhones)

September 12th is going to be rather special for Apple for many reasons (and for us too of course). It will be the inaugural event at the Steve Jobs Theater, it’s in Apple Park; their brand spanking new ‘spaceship’ campus and most important of all Tim Cook will be talking about the latest iteration of the mobile device that “changed everything” 10 years ago, the iPhone.

If you thought the WWDC17 keynote was packed you ain't seen anything yet! New iPhones (all three of them), a new Apple TV, a new Apple Watch, iOS11 and the biggest change to the App Store ever....phew, we're exhausted just thinking of how long he's going to present for.

So to mark this special day and to get you in the mood for the tech event of the year we’ve pulled together our top 11 (see what we did there) tips so you hit the ground running with iOS11 & the new iPhone(s) on day one.

new app store - blog size.jpg
Source: Apple 

1. Our first tip is so big we can’t fit it into just one tip, the new App Store. Redesigned from the ground up to make discovering apps and games easier than ever before, we’re calling it App Store 2.0. 

2. App Store 2.0 allows more ways to be featured by Apple than ever before; App of The Day, App Collections, Hero (Featured App), Daily List and Editors Choice to name just a few.

3. As well as the new promotional opportunities a whole new world of additional ASO is possible including new Subtitle and Promo Text fields, App Previews extending to 3 (per language) with localization possible for the first time and app description keywords will finally have meaning as part of Search Ads. 

4. Talking of Search Ads Apple will continue to roll them out globally (it's currently only live in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand). With a 50% tap to conversion rate, this is definitely a marketing channel to be explored.

5. The iMessage app drawer has been completely redesigned in line with the new App Store. Games, stickers and apps are now a lot easier to find and use. With the new iMessage extensions coming in Business Chat you'll be able to do more than just share your flight status.

6. Indoor Mapping. Only 30 airports are available at launch, but this is the start of something very interesting from Apple. It also includes hundreds of shopping centers worldwide.

7. QR Codes are going to be everywhere. Third party apps will no longer be needed because the camera app will now support QR scanning in the OS.

8. "Overnight ARKit will become the largest AR platform in the world". Apple steps in the 'augmented' world of augmented reality. This will change everything, again!

9. NFC will finally go mainstream with Apple's new Core NFC framework. Built into the iPhone 7/7 Plus, and of course the new iPhones, expect to see a lot more people tapping their phone on tags in the next 12 months. 

10. Tip 10 is a bit more future looking (i.e. it's not released until 2018 - but you can register now here.  Business Chat is a powerful new way for brands to collect with customers directly in Messages.

business chat - blog size.jpgSource: Apple

11. Our final tip is not really a tip, it's a super quick round up of iPhone rumours, well we say rumours, if you've read the leaks you'll know. Facial recognition, wireless charging, edge to edge OLED display (no more bezel), a dual lens camera, the removal of a physical home button, a 5.8 inch screen size, a glass body, 3D sensing modules in the front facing camera, a $1,000 price point...our heads are swirling with the possibilities. 

Speculative images of the new iPhone:

iphone 8 - blog size.jpg
Source: Forbes 

So that’s our Top 11 guide to tomorrow but more importantly here’s to hoping the next decade of the iPhone is as evolutionary and innovative as the last 10 have been! To read our thoughts on the biggest iPhone design moments from the past decade (the magical and not so magical), check out this blog.

Don’t forget to check out our Twitter handle (@tvptdigital) where we'll be doing live updates throughout the event on Tuesday 12th September. 

Featured image source Macworld.co.uk

Phoebe Collison - Digital Insights Analyst

Phoebe has worked at Travelport Digital for 4 years in various Marketing, Product Research and Digital Insights roles. Phoebe’s current role involves keeping pace with new technologies and industry developments, competitor analysis and advising customers on best practise mobile marketing.

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