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Free Skift Insights Report - Mobile and the Next Wave of Digital Disruption

 Just how much is mobile, and other emerging technologies, shifting the way travel brands engage with travelers?

We teamed up with leading industry publisher Skift to create an Insights Deck "Mobile and the Next Wave of Digital Disruption: The Future of Traveler Experience" to discover exactly that.

We interviewed leading industry experts including James Millett, Director of Marketing, Digital & Brand at easyJet, Will Pinnell, VP , Digital & Product Strategy, BCD Travel as well as leaders from Travelport Digital to uncover how they are using mobile and new technology to enhance their customer experiences.

Over the last decade, since the launch of the iPhone, mobile has changed the travel industry irrevocably, reshaping how customers plan and book travel as well as giving brands opportunities to support, inspire and engage that just weren’t possible before.

Mobile has opened up the entire-end-to-end travel journey for interaction and travel brands are now turning to mobile apps to deepen the way they interact with travelers pre, during and post trip. The travel brands that understand all the customer touchpoints and are putting in the work to truly understand their customer needs; offering personalized, relevant information at the right time throughout the various stages of the customer journey are winning.

And it’s no longer just mobile that is disrupting the travel industry, emerging technologies rooted in mobile, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, voice search, and bots, are set to alter the relationship between travelers and travel brands even further.

Understanding these shifting changes in customer behavior and the channels they are using is essential to travel brands succeeding both now and in the future. Download the Travelport and Skift Insights Deck “Mobile and the Next Wave of Digital Disruption: The Future of Traveler Experience” to understand more about how mobile can help empower travel experiences. 

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Aisling White - Head of Marketing

Aisling has over 16 years’ experience in marketing, brand, and PR. Prior to joining Travelport Digital, Aisling worked at Hostelworld.com and Sage Software. At Travelport Digital Aisling manages the marketing strategy, content, communications, and digital platforms, to drive customer engagement.

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