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Snap, Comment and Post: A Social Media Marketing Guide for Airlines

The growth and reach of social media over the past 10 years cannot be underestimated. A quarter of the world’s population use Facebook every month, 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day and 9,000 Snaps are shared every second; yet many airlines don’t go beyond simple communications on these networks and fail to use the power and size of these platforms to market their mobile solutions. This free eBook, written exclusively for airlines is the first of its kind, anywhere! It’s a truly global guide to marketing your app through the biggest, most important and predominantly mobile platforms in the world - social media.

Looking at six global networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest) as well as 3 region specific platforms (WeChat, LINE and Weibo); our social media marketing guide gives airlines worldwide a comprehensive and exhaustive toolkit to utilise social media as a way to engage and market to millions of new and existing users of their apps.

For each platform, there is best practice examples from some of the leading airlines in the world, step by step guidance on how to set up a campaign, some ad examples, tips, detail on which ad types are best for marketing an app, information on pricing and links to where you can find more information.

Throughout our practical guide we will also cover:

  • Facebook - details on how to set up mobile app install and canvas ad campaigns 
  • Instagram - how to leverage bookings from the 120 million users who interacted with Instragram at in 2017
  • Twitter - how to advertise to their 328 million monthly active users
  • Snapchat - how to use 'snapads', 'sponsored geofilters' and 'sponsored lenses' to market your airline app
  • YouTube - how to use universal app campaigns to target over 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users
  • Pinterest - how to use the new 'promoted app pins' ads, launched earlier in 2017, to market your airline app
  • WeChat - how to tap into China's largest social media network with over 900 million monthly active users
  • Line - how to drive to app downloads using the three different types of ads available on the social network used by 90% of smartphone owners in Japan
  • Weibo - how to target the 340 million monthly active users on the Chinese microblogging site

In today’s highly competitive app marketplace, great app development alone is no longer enough to drive a return on investment. Mobile marketing is crucial to ensure user acquisition, retention and ultimately app monetization so download the Social Media Marketing Guide for Airlines Now.

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Phoebe Collison - Digital Insights Analyst

Phoebe has worked at Travelport Digital for 4 years in various Marketing, Product Research and Digital Insights roles. Phoebe’s current role involves keeping pace with new technologies and industry developments, competitor analysis and advising customers on best practise mobile marketing.

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