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Do you love this app?

It seems rather apt on the 10th anniversary of the App Store this year to think back to the old halycon days of mobile. When apps used to ask you ‘Are you enjoying ‘generic app name’ or ‘Rate our App’ just as you were about to book a flight or upgrade that hotel room to include breakfast. You’d click yes by mistake, or you’d just hit yes to get the prompt out of the way so you could finish what you were just doing in the app. The next minute you’re out of the app flow and you’re in the App Store… eh what happened? Incensed you’d give the app a bad rating and write a one word review like ‘Rubbish’ or ‘Avoid’. Ahhh, the good old days of app feedback!


Image Source: Medium.com

Well, I say the good old days but actually that out of app experience review flow has been around since 2008 and only changed last year when Apple finally introduced ‘In App Rating Prompt’ with iOS 10.3, or to give it its more technical name SKStoreReviewController. Now developers like us at Travelport Digital could prompt for a rating in our customers apps and keep the user INSIDE the app experience. Our UX designers nearly wept with joy! Since then we have implemented this new functionality for a number of our customers, BCD Travel, Etihad and easyJet to mention just a few.


Enjoying easyJet?

The easyJet app is one of the biggest and most loved airline apps in the world so it’s no surprise that this in app rating functionality had a huge effect on already such a well reviewed app (6 years old, over 70K reviews and 300K ratings later and still pulling a 4.5/5 - how many travel apps in the world can stand over those types of numbers?) None is the answer!

Header-alt-rated_1200x627 (1)

  • Since May this year easyJet have added over 272K ratings
  • 5 & 4 stars now make up 94% of all their ratings
  • There has been a 1041% increase in 5 star ratings since the end of May
  • easyJet now have more 4 star ratings alone than some of their competitors have in total (not naming anyone - but *cough* Irish airline with blue colours)


Image source: Appbot.co

Don’t ignore the Dos and Don’ts

Even though this functionality has literally changed the ratings and review game as you can see from those easyJet results above travel apps shouldn’t ignore all the previous dos and don'ts of asking for feedback.


  1. Get the timing right. Don’t ask for a rating as a user downloads your app before they’ve even used it, or when they are in the middle of a booking/flow.
  2. Choose a point after a ‘happy path’ i.e. after a user has checked in or used your app to upgrade their seat
  3. Respond to reviews. iOS 10.3 also allowed this functionality for the first time ever for iOS developers (it’s been around for years with Android). Watch the Apple video below to show how important this can be for you and your users


  1. Annoy them! If I’ve said ‘no’ for the 2nd time I’m probably not going to leave a great rating when you ask me that same week for the 3rd time. Note: In App Rating Prompts are limited to 3 occurrences per user per year anyway
  2. Override the standard prompt UI, users recognise and are comfortable with the Apple one so don’t over design this

It’s not just a better experience...

It’s not just a better experience for your users, utilising in app prompt functionality can have a huge effect on your ratings mix (more 5* and less 1* which is always good) but even more importantly, look what it can do to downloads!


Moving from a 2 star rated app to 3 stars can boost installs by over 280% which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at, however moving from 2 to 4 stars can rocket your app skywards with a massive 540% increase! So if you haven’t already implemented SKStoreReviewController in your travel app then what are you waiting for?

It’s time for your users to start saying “Yes, I do love this app”

To find out more about how Travelport Digital can help your travel brands mobile strategy simply contact us on hello@travelportdigital.com or visit www.travelportdigital.com 

Glenville Morris, Product Director - Digital Insights

Glenville has over 12 years experience as a digital & mobile professional in the travel, entertainment & retail sectors. Prior to joining Travelport Digital Glenville worked at easyJet across analytics, mobile marketing & was the product owner for easyJet mobile. At Travelport Digital Glenville heads up the Digital Insights team looking at market trends, operating system updates and how new mobile technologies will affect the travel industry.

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