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The future of Fiji Airways: Enhancing the travel experience through mobile

Fiji Airways recently partnered with Travelport Digital to develop a new mobile app. Following its launch, we’re taking a look at why this is more than just a typical airline app, but rather a mobile platform that is transforming the way Fiji Airways engages with its customers.

Using the capabilities made possible through Travelport Fusion, the Fiji Airways app incorporates a mix of key functionality and top UX design to give travelers control over their next trip, right in the palm of their hand. From seamless check-in and boarding to contextual push messaging, the Fiji Airways app creates personalized experiences for travelers from the moment they book until they have arrived in their destination.

The app, which is available for free download on Apple and Android, is key to Fiji Airways’ ongoing initiative to enhance its customer experience and bring travelers closer to its brand. Let’s take a closer look at how the app is supercharging customer engagement.

Market-leading UX and design

In its first month, the Fiji Airways app has already received an average star rating of 4.5, thanks to the combination of user-centric design and an emphasis on craftsmanship. But of course, there is more to a killer app than just looking good – it’s all about meeting the needs of the end user and this is where the Fiji Airways app excels.


Every screen of the Fiji Airways app is designed with the user in mind. The easy-to-navigate interface gives travelers a wide range of intuitive flight management features. To avoid a cluttered interface, users see only the features and information that are most relevant to them, depending on where they are in their journey – creating a clear and completely personalized experience.

While the app is powered by the Travelport Fusion platform, the colors, fonts, images and icons are configured to reflect the airline’s brand identity. By taking this approach, Travelport Digital could deliver a unique app that promotes the Fiji Airways brand, but with a much-reduced time to market than a bespoke or in-house built app.


Giving power to passengers

Reducing costs is a priority for every airline and mobile has the potential to cut a substantial amount of operational overheads. With a variety of self-serve features, the Fiji Airways app is helping the airline to reduce costs by putting control in the travelers' hands.

Users can check in for their flight, generate their mobile boarding pass and add it to their Apple Wallet for easy offline access at any time – all through their mobile and without the need for human intervention. But the Fiji Airways app goes beyond the standard booking, check-in and boarding features.

Using the real-time messaging capabilities within the app, travelers can access trip-related updates on the go and directly from their device. All of these capabilities not only enhance the customer experience, but allow Fiji Airways to lower customer support costs, communicate service disruption more effectively and reduce late passenger arrivals.


Real-time messaging

Another key component of the Fiji Airways app is its ability to use real-time trip data to deliver contextual communications. Using the messaging capabilities that Travelport Fusion offers, the Fiji Airways app goes beyond generic push notifications to deliver alerts that are personalized to each traveler’s trip.

The app uses trip-specific information to deliver targeted messages that provide relevant and accurate information – for example check-in reminders, flight status alerts and flight cancellations.

Real-time messaging has propelled Fiji Airways forward in their quest to better engage with their customers. By using 'mobile moments' to send timely offers and special deals, Fiji Airways is now connecting with its travelers through new touchpoints that previously weren’t available.

Fiji Blog_Messaging_Console_blog_size

Creating new revenue streams through mobile

One of the many great advantages of mobile is its potential to open up new revenue streams for airlines. The Fiji Airways app incorporates key capabilities that create more meaningful touchpoints with the traveler to increase passenger yield, encourage repeat business and increase customer lifetime value.

Using existing flight search and booking flows, travelers can use the app to explore all Fiji Airways has to offer. Pain points like payment friction will soon be removed by enabling a convenient credit card scanning feature.

With the ability to add ancillaries during the check-in process, the app also enables Fiji Airways to create relevant retail opportunities that increase conversions. This opens up a world of new retail opportunities through segmented promotional offers, ad-ons like paid seats, and post-trip inspiration campaigns.

Check out the app

It’s always an exciting milestone to launch a new app, but in reality, this is just the beginning of the journey. Fiji Airways will benefit from ongoing product updates through the Travelport Fusion platform and will continue to add exciting new features in the near future.

For now, you can take a closer look at what the Fiji Airways app has to offer by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play or alternatively why not find out more about how Travelport Fusion can help your airline accelerate traveler engagement. 


Eric Booth - Product Marketing Manager

Eric has 13+ years experience as a digital & product marketing specialist within the online services, entertainment & travel sectors. With experience working in both B2B and B2C environments Eric’s key focus at Travelport Digital is to bring new products to market, articulate product value propositions and drive product demand by connecting customer the needs to product capabilities.

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